How many items can I claim on the network?

There are no specific limits, however we recommend you restrict claims to the most desirable or high value items to make your wallet easy to manage.

Are my details secure?

Yes. We use blockchain technology for our system, with your own encryption on each wallet. Because you have a separate key to unlock your data, you, and only you, can control access to it.

How can Orphic Guard help with theft-mitigation?

Because the system is constantly growing, more and more users have access to our alerts. That means more people see instantly when you report an item stolen, increasing the likelihood of it being identified when someone tries to sell it.

Is my wallet key important?

Yes. Without it, no one can access your claim data. Not even us! That means your data is always protected with the highest levels of security and privacy, but it also means you MUST take care of that wallet key at all times.